HSV-2 Cure – How Can You Stop Genital Herpes?

One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is the genital herpes also known as the Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2). Basically, there are various ways to stop this deadly disease. However, the only sure way is to prevent it, or better still, cure it completely before getting worse.

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hsv-2 cure

Before understanding how the virus can be cured and/or prevented, one thing you should know is that the HSV-2 is located in tiny molecules in the mucous and skin membranes. In addition, in order for one to be infected by someone else, the HSV-2 travels via microscopic abrasions in the skin or mucous membrane that is located around the genital areas from the infected to the non-infected.

Signs of HSV-2

Well, how can you know that you have genital herpes? If you might be having a tingling feeling around the genitals, thighs and buttocks or your lymph glands in the groins are swollen, then you most likely have HSV 2. In other cases, there may be pain when urinating, small red blisters, or open sores on the genitals. Knowing you have these signs is a good call for finding an hsv-2 cure before it gets to critical conditions.

Prevention of HSV-2

The only and most trusted way to avoid the STD transmission is to abstain from sexual intercourse or rather maintain a mutual one-partner relationship with a well tested partner. That will give you a 99% assurance of not being infected with the disease.

Having a consistent and correct use of latex condoms may reduce the dangers of contracting HSV 2. This is because the symptoms of herpes may arise in both female and male genitals that are protected by the latex condom. This might not be an hsv 2 cure, but it sure reduces the risks of the disease.

How To Find A HSV-2 Cure

However much there may not be a definite hsv-2 cure, there are antiviral medicines that can shorten the outbreak of the disease during the period of medication. Actually, a day-to-day exploitive therapy may be another way of reducing the possible transmission to sexual partners.

Like we have seen, a way to control the disease is by managing it and the key is to avoid breakouts but you must know the things that could arouse the breakout. There are some drugs in the stores that effectively prevent the outbreak of HSV 2 in your system after they had disappeared.

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There are actually two types of therapy for herpes, which are episodic and suppressive therapies. For the episodic therapy, you could take medicine for the primary signs of the outbreak so that it can reduce the complete outbreak. In the suppressive case, one could take medication each day to prevent the outbreak. Some of the effective Antiviral medication is like; Acyclovir or Zovirax, Famciclovir (famvir) and Valvacyclovir or Valtrex.

In general, there might not be any hsv 2 cure, but a proper management of the disease that will ensure a cut down the spread of the disease. In addition, reduce your stress of never being free of the deadly sexually transmitted disease.

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