Herpes Treatment During Pregnancy

Herpes treatment during pregnancy becomes important as soon as it is diagnosed. This helps in preventing the transfer of the virus to the newborn during a normal delivery. Though most people don’t know they are infected with the herpes simplex virus until the sores outbreaks. Therefore, a preliminary examination is necessary to know if you are having the virus that may affect your pregnancy. In case the outbreak starts at the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may be advised for a caesarean section to prevent the baby from getting the infection. Here is all you need to know about treating herpes during pregnancy.

herpes treatment during pregnancy

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Are you carrying the herpes virus?

The herpes simplex virus causes infection in a large number of pregnant women. It can be fatal for the fetus if the virus is transmitted from mother to the baby in the womb or during birth. Regular screening may help in diagnosing if you are carrying the virus. Herpes virus may enter the body anytime though physical contact like kissing, touching and sex. It can also enter your body if you are sharing personal items with an infected person. A large number of individuals do not know that they are the carrier of the virus until the blisters show up.

Herpes virus can cause infection in your eyes, mouth and genitals. If you are pregnant and find yourself infected with the virus, you must immediately consult your health care provider. Even if you had an outbreak in the past, you must inform your doctor as soon as you get pregnant to prevent the infection from transferring to your baby. You must also get tested if your partner ever had herpes in the past. 

Best Herpes Treatment During Pregnancy

If you are having genital herpes during pregnancy, you are likely to transfer it to your newborn during normal birth. It largely depends on which stage of infection you are in. If you have still not started shedding the virus, your doctor may consider normal birth but you may be advised for a cesarean section if your baby is at a risk of getting the infection during labor and birth. A herpes infection can be devastating for any newborn. It may cause severe infection that may even lead to blindness and other disabilities. Therefore, herpes treatment during pregnancy is imperative to prevent infection to the baby.

#1 Antiviral drugs
If your partner is infected with herpes simplex virus, it is necessary for him to take an antiviral drug to suppress the outbreak and prevent shedding of the virus. Medicines like Famvir, Zovarix and Valtrex are some of the antiviral medicines that may suppress the growth of the virus and prevent them from growing or spreading. In case you are carrying the virus during pregnancy, you may take an antiviral medicine on a regular basis to stop the outbreak until your delivery. If you are in your last month of pregnancy, your doctor may advise Valtrex to suppress the outbreak during delivery. The medicine is marked as Category B, which makes it safe for use during pregnancy.

#2 Home remedies
Home remedies are also helpful in treating the painful sores in a natural way but are not effective in suppressing the outgrowth. You may use the following natural methods for herpes treatment during pregnancy and ease pain and inflammation.

* Echinacea
The medicinal plant has long been used to treat viral infections. It is considered as one of the best natural remedies for treating herpes. Echinacea is given to people infected with herpes for quick relief from outbreaks. 

* Tea tree oil
With great antiviral properties, tea tree oil can be used to reduce the sores and inflammation. Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in water and apply it on the genitals and infected area.

* Epsom Salt
Epsom salt bath can help in relieving pain and itching. Put some Epsom salt in your bath water and soak yourself in it for 20 minutes.

* Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is an all natural ingredient which helps in soothing the herpes outbreaks. You may extract the fresh gel and apply it directly over the infected area. 

* Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is yet another effective home remedy for herpes. It has active ingredients like phenolic acid and flavonoids that help in treating the blisters and soothes the skin. Drink lemon balm tea or directly apply it over the infected area to get relief from herpes infection and sores.

Besides the above antiviral and natural herpes treatment during pregnancy, it is important to prevent the infection. Always use a condom to reduce the spread of herpes virus from an infected partner. Avoid sharing personal things used by the infected person to prevent the transfer of the virus. Maintain proper hygiene by washing your hands and keeping your skin clean and dry.

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