Herpes Cure News For Homemade Remedies

A simple search for herpes cure news can produce millions of pages which is filled with different ways to cure and control herpes. But the fact remains that herpes can be of more than two types and in most cases you won’t even realize you are infected. As herpes is traditionally mistaken to only be a sexually transmitted disease, most people are often reluctant to come out in the open and get themselves tested or treated for herpes. Which is why it is always handy to be aware of a few handy homemade remedies, which can help you curb herpes at an early stage. Until you are ready to undergo proper medical treatment.

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herpes cure news

Salt Baths

The benefits of adding a little natural salt to warm water has been one of the most popular forms of disinfectant for a while, but what you might not aware of is that it can also help you curb and control initial signs of herpes. As the salt we add to our food is known to contain chemicals, it is always best to use only natural salt with warm water to bathe. You can either add the salt to your bathtub or ordinary cleansing bowl to help you clean the infected area.

Baking Soda

Once you have cleaned the infected area with the help of warm water and natural salts, it is extremely important that you apply either cornstarch or baking soda. After the infected area has been washed, the wound can easily become aggravated when left open and it can prevent the infection drying up as a whole. Baking soda or cornstarch helps additional moisture from being absorbed by the infected area and help it dry up rapidly.

Aloe Vera

The versatility of Aloe Vera for treating skin problems has been well known to mankind for more than three thousand years, which doesn’t make its addition to our list of homemade herpes cure news too surprising. Generally advised to be used after washing the infected area with warm salt water and baking soda, the main purpose of Aloe Vera is to help control the infected area and help the skin stimulate regeneration of skin. The natural cooling effect of Aloe Vera can provide you with some much needed comfort and can help tackle outbreaks of both Type I & Type II Herpes.

Cold Tea Bags

One of the most recent herpes cure news regarding an age old homemade therapy involving tea bags has bewildered a lot people, but the fact remains that tea bags have proved to be extremely effective for treating Type II Herpes. In this method, you are required to soak tea bags into steaming hot water for some time, until the chemicals in the tea bags become active and then cool them by placing the out in the open. The hot water acts as a catalyst for the chemicals within the tea leaves and once the cooled tea bags are applied to sores, it is said to effectively heal the sores and contain the herpes virus.

Despite the fact that there are several methods and techniques in the world of herpes cure news and natural homemade remedies have always proven their worth time and again. Especially in critical conditions when you might be looking for some instant relief and unable to seek immediate medical assistance.

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