Genital Herpes | Live A Normal Life Despite Being Affected By Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes OutbreakHave you been told by your doctor or physician that you have been infected by a virus that has no cure and will remain dormant in your body lifelong? Are you diagnosed to be suffering from virus infection that affects your genital organs and parts? If you have heard such tasteless news, there is nothing to get worried about. You will be amazed to hear that genital herpes is a very common infection seen in a lot of men and women and many have been living with herpes for a long time. There is every chance that your friends, relatives, co-workers, colleagues or family members might also be suffering from genital herpes as one in every five Americans is suffering from this virus infection. So, there is nothing to fear about genital herpes as you have lots of company in this world. 

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Not A Serious Infection

You will be delighted to hear that herpes is not a killer infection and will not cause any serious health problem. But, the thought of having herpes can really play on you emotionally and you would lose self esteem and self confidence to move along with people. It can also drain you so much that you will start to develop an aversion towards sex. There are even chances that you might feel really angry with the person who has infected you with genital herpes. But, it is ideal for you to overcome all these hard feelings and lead a normal living with herpes.

Challenge The Feelings In You

It is important for you to challenge the notions and assumptions about genital herpes and to throw away weird thoughts about herpes from your mind. There is no doubt that people suffering from genital herpes might develop sores around the genital areas. But, the best thing is that it would not affect any other part of the body. There are quite a lot of good things in you that will attract a lot of people towards you and your sex appeal is just one of those factors. It is important for you to learn the art of coping with herpes and not let the thoughts about this dreaded virus infection bog you down. It is true that you should not be having sex when you are suffering from genital herpes infection. But, if your partner is an understanding person and wants to feel you, then he or she would not mind going to bed with you. All you need is to live the life as normal and everything will fall in place.  

Dealing With Genital Herpes

It is important for you to make certain changes in your lifestyle to accommodate genital herpes into your life. But, there is no way you need to change your life drastically because of herpes. You can move ahead in your life no matter if you have signs of herpes. You can also lead a happy and healthy family life and can have kids with your life partner.

  • It is important for you to take the medications prescribed by your doctors to fight herpes and never have any second thoughts about it. It will soon become a regular routine in your life like brushing your teeth or bathing. 
  • As the symptoms of genital herpes calms down over a period of time, there is every chance that your first outbreak could be the worst that you ever faced. So, take medications as advised by doctors.
  • There is also need to get angry with the person who has infected the herpes infection in you unless he or she did it on purpose. Most of the people do not know that they are carrying herpes infection.
  • If you feel uncomfortable talking with person’s face-off, you can very well share your thoughts and feelings that you are going through on online forums that deals with living with herpes or in-person  support group.

Herpes Cure

Preventing The Spread Of Genital Herpes

The best way to avoid genital herpes from spreading to other people is to avoid having sex and that includes oral sex too. If you ever have the urge to have sex with women who is not your regular married partner, then it is ideal that you use the condom during sexual intercourse so that you do not catch the herpes infection and prevent it from also getting infected to your sex partner. Use latex condoms when having sexual intercourse as the viruses will not be able to pass through them. There are a lot of female condoms in the market that has been tested and results have shown that they reduce the risk of transmitting herpes during sexual intercourse. A person who had the symptom of herpes earlier must always use latex condoms while having sex, even though there are no blisters or sores in their genital areas during that time of sex. It is ideal to be highly preventive against herpes. 

Home Remedies For Herpes

It is very important for you to have a balanced diet so that you can prevent the herpes outbreak. If you are suffering from genital herpes, then it is ideal that you avoid taking in foods that contain high levels of amino acid arginine and eat foods that are rich in amino acid lysine. The foods that contain lysine will prevent the herpes virus from multiplying.

Foods To Totally Avoid

The following are the foods that you should totally avoid as it contains high levels of arginine that reduces the outbreak of herpes by a considerable amount.

  • Egg white
  • Nuts
  • Chocolates
  • Peanuts and peanut butter
  • Tofu
  • Roast Beef
  • Sesame and Pumpkin seeds
  • White fish

Foods That You Can Eat

The following are the foods that you need to eat as they contain high levels of lysine.

  • Spirulina
  • Turkey
  • Flank steak
  • Lamb

Herbs For Genital Herpes

Some of the natural herbs have the ingredients that can help in reversing the process and they are astragalus, cat’s claw, myrrh, ligustrum and pansy galangal. There are thorough studies and researches that are going on with these herbs to see if they really help people living with herpes reverse the process.

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