5 Great Cold Sores Home Remedies To Kill Your Outbreak

When a cold sore appears on your face it’s not the nicest feeling in the world.

You automatically feel self-conscious because they’re visually unappealing, plus they can cause you a lot of pain. Even if they show up inside your mouth or nose the pain will still be there, even if nobody can see them.

cold sores home remedies

Your only solution is to get rid of them as soon as possible, and even though you can’t technically cure the virus it’s easy to attack the cold sores.

I’m sure you’ve heard of lots of ways to get rid of them, but today we’re going to focus specifically on cold sores home remedies known to work wonders for your little problem.

Pure Vanilla Extract

This doesn’t mean you can stuff your face with vanilla ice cream if you have a cold sore inside your mouth, because we’re actually talking about the pure extract here. In order to use it effectively, you should apply your vanilla extract to a cotton swab long enough to saturate it. Then you need to hold the cotton swab on the affected area for a few minutes before you release it. A large amount of people are convinced vanilla extract will reduce the severity of any outbreak as well as making it disappear quickly, so be prepared to use this method whenever you feel cold sores starting to break out.

Creamy Whole Milk

Whole milk contains lots of proteins, which is already well established. What some people fail to realize is that the specific proteins inside milk are able to fight off cold sores, along with other herpes-related viruses. The same procedure applies as before, so instead of eating bowls of cereal you’ll need to dip a cotton swab in a small cup of whole milk. Once you dab it on your affected area you’ll feel a sudden soothing feeling as the pain starts to disappear, and it will also help get rid of your outbreak in the quickest amount of time possible.

Licorice Root Powder

As you can tell by now, all the natural cold sores home remedies are a little strange, but rubbing licorice on your face might be the weirdest one yet. Luckily you won’t have any problems using this method even if you don’t like the taste of licorice. This time you will need to mix some of the root powder with water, or a more effective alternative would be petroleum jelly. Once your mixture is concocted you can rub it onto your cold sores. The acid in licorice root will kill the virus cells and stop your symptoms from getting worse.

Minty Peppermint Oil

This will only work once your cold sore makes an appearance on your face, but once it rears its ugly head you can destroy it with peppermint oil. As an added bonus, your skin will smell minty fresh. The properties contained inside the oil will latch onto the virus as soon as it breaks through your skin, and it can kill any virus cells when you apply it directly to the cold sore. Even though you will need to wait until the virus breaks through your skin, if you apply it straight away using a cotton swab it will exterminate your cold sore before it gets worse.

Load Up On Vitamins

The vitamins we’re interested in when it comes to cold sores home remedies are vitamin C and E. You can get your fix of vitamin C through your diet by eating foods like berries, spinach, and citrus fruits. This will increase your white blood count count, which helps your body to defend against viruses. You can also eat foods containing vitamin E, but it’s also a good idea to purchase oil. When vitamin E is applied topically to cold sores it will help to reduce the discomfort you feel, and you’ll be in less pain until they finally go away.

Great Cold Sores Home Remedies

All of the natural cold sores home remedies we’ve talked about today are great, and lots of people have joy with them so they’re worth testing out.

If you have an outbreak at the moment you shouldn’t waste any more time trying to deal with the problem, and if you have an outbreak in the future you’ll know exactly what to do; you have your list with the best cold sores home remedies here.

Millions of people have to deal with cold sores on a daily basis, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you have any visible on your face. Just make sure you don’t sit around in pain waiting for them to go away on their own.

Note: This Page was last updated on Wednesday 26th of June 2019

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